Trakkom designs and manufactures cutter discs, cutter disc spare parts, cutter fixing parts for all sizes and types. Our designs are made to ensure maximum efficiency for the cutters in order to minimize cutter related costs and stoppages. We always investigate the project specific conditions to optimize our cutters to the clients’ unique requirements.

We also provide fully functional cutter workshops with dedicated on-site personnel on demand. In addition to that, our technical team is always at the service of our clients. We give on-site trainings and continuous assistance during our clients' projects.

Our manufacturing line is not limited with cutters only. We also design and manufacture steel structures such as thrust frames, muck skips, segment lifters, steel slides for TBMs, rail switches, rail sleepers, survey stations, walkways, pipeline consoles, conveyor parts, and many other tunnel specific solutions.

Cutterhead maintenance and revisions are another aspect of our services along with full TBM maintenance and revisions. These services are available both on-site or at our facilities.

Supervisorship & Counselling

TBM Supervision
& Consultancy

Trakkom provides services for assembly & disassembly and drive assistance for TBMs for site specific needs. We have extensive Tunneling Expertise in TBM and TBM related equipment (such as conveyors, locomotives, MSVs) - assembly, maintenance and operation.

We dispatch our technical personnel for site specific needs. Our personnel have been assisting contractors for successful breakthrough of TBM projects in Turkey, Azerbaijan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and UAE for years.
  • Pre-Project Support
  • TBM Refurbishment, TBM Assembly, TBM Disassembly
  • TBM Supervision Services
  • Manpower Supply
Rental equipment and heavy construction equipment for tunnels

Equipment for Tunnels & Construction Machinery

For this reason, the machine needed especially in tunnels and we have built a rental and sales fleet of equipment.

Compressors, excavators, loaders, mobile or stationary concrete pumps, forklifts, bobcats, concrete mixers and demand in line with the skilled and our experienced operators constitute the components.